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Looks good.

2012-02-18 23:19:38 by xXLunchBoxXx

Love the new look, very sexy.

I've returned

2010-07-30 05:27:36 by xXLunchBoxXx

Not that anyone noticed I was gone, but after my brief disappearance, I've come back. Prolly find me in the art portal sketching up something, asking questions, or posting wips that I probably wont ever finish.
Which my computer desk is full of.

Merry Christmas.

2009-12-25 02:09:05 by xXLunchBoxXx

I figured I might use my first news post to say Merry Christmas, but also talk about my first time playing Left 4 Dead 2 (pc).
I'm a big valve fan, and have been waiting to play left 4 dead 2, seeing as I slacked off and didn't really get to play the demo. I soon realized I neglected l4d 1 too long, and got killed...badly.
I got jumped on by a Jockey, after being vomited on by a boomer, and he proceeded to move me into a huge pile of Spitter acid. While the whole time, the computers were nowhere to be found. epic fail.